Copa Podio


On Saturday night me and the homies had the chance to go and peep one of the premier, professional grappling shows in the world; Copa Podio which is held here in Rio. Some of the top dudes in the sport were competing including Rodolfo Viera, Leandro Lo, Leo Nogueira and Felipe Pena.

Being the impoverished and cheap ass dude I am, I’d opted for the upper tier tickets to watch the show. The evening got off to an awesome start when the bouncers on the door somehow gave me and the homies Mike and Torryn the same wristbands as the rest of the crew who had bought the more expensive floor tickets. Boom, we were bumped up to floor tickets which were double the price! Second stroke of luck happened as we got in there, we aimed for the corner area of the arena and took our seats. This turned out to be a wise decision as we had somehow wandered into the area for athletes and families. For the entirety of the evening we were provided with as much free Coke and Guarana as our bladders could handle. In addition to sandwiches, in fact two separate lots of sandwiches. Props to Copa Podio as they went all out with cheese and ham on white bread for the full junior school packed lunch experience!

If your interested, I’m sure you’ll check the full results so I’m not gonna provide a breakdown of the event which was crazy long clocking in at 5 and a half hours but was hella dope nevertheless.

But here’s a  few of my musing from the show:

I. The show began with a full rendition of the Brazilian National anthem. This was my introduction to what must be one of the longest pieces of music ever. Long enough in fact for me to notice Leandro Lo having a cheeky dick scratch. I also noticed Rodolfo was the only one singing, I don’t know if this was a ploy to intimidate his opponents but seeing the man belt out a tune was enough to send shivers down my spine.



II. Poor UFC fighter Alan Belcher had a tough day at the office getting a good beating off pretty much everyone – he was a good sport to it all though. For some reason he’d made the decision to borrow a white belt’s kimono which was about 3 sizes to big for him.


III. Lloyd Irvin representative Timothy Spriggs received no applause whatsoever as he came out to fight. Ethically I’d question the Copa Podio as an organisation and their decision to invite an athlete from a team led by a ‘failed’ rapist in the first place.

IV. Match of the night in my opinion was Luiz Panz vs. Leandro Lo in the semi finals. Super technical fight going back and forth between both fighters.

V. Rodolfo Veira’s completed a campaign of destruction. He finished 5 out of 6 fights this included finishing Leandro Lo in under 2 minutes of the final. Watching him on video cannot compare to seeing him do his thing live. He really is a scary ass dude whose guard passing is unbelievably relentless. I was also impressed at the amount of sweat homeboy manages to produce, a waterfall cascaded off his nugget throughout each of his fights. As someone who is proud of their own levels of sweating, I’m but a padawan to this Jedi Master of sweat. Dude is a fortified beast.


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